Eternal Financial Solutions, LLC (EFS) is a social enterprise, founded by, Rudiger Z. Ellis, a seasoned, financial services professional with over thirty-five years of industry experience.  He is passionate about helping families create “generational wealth” through institutions and enterprises, including family owned businesses, investment clubs, trusts, foundations and life insurance. 

Rudy Z. is the author of, Soaring to Success Personal Business Journal and WINNING the G.O.A.L. of WEALTH Workbook (June, 2021).  The “Get Your House in Order” and The G.O.A.L. of WEALTH, are two of his signature, financial literacy education courses that he created and teaches throughout the year . 

Rudy Z. and the, EFS team of “trusted” advisors, help our clients design their roadmap to achieve financial freedom and their blueprint to build generational wealth.  And most important, we help our clients learn how to implement, GOAL of WEALTH “stewardship” strategies and solutions so they will make better financial decisions with their money and finances. 

Ultimately, the vision of Eternal Financial Solutions is to continue growing a network of clients, composed of local and global, individuals, families, businesses, community and faith-based organizations, who are thriving economically and are intentional on impacting their local community.  

Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us at: to schedule a, personal, virtual appointment or to inquire about Rudy Z. presenting to your family or enterprise.  Continued blessings of Peace, Power and Prosperity to your and your family.

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