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Today, we honor the celebration of the birth of Martin Luther King by respecting his legacy and understanding his position on the importance of Black economics. 

Martin Luther King knew social justice and poverty alleviation and economic empowerment are dependent on each other. They represent the three legs of the proverbial,  “Poverty Alleviation Stool.” If one leg of the stool is missing, no man or woman will be able to sit on the stool and eat at the counter of, “financial security”, nor stand on the stool of generational wealth. 

“Capital” resources to repair the “POVERTY ALLEVIATION” Stool, and to create an ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Stool is vital if, “Change is Gonna Come,” and if that change is, sustainable.   This means each individual, family and community, respectively, must create a roadmap to financial freedom and a blueprint to build generational wealth.   Then we can truly repeat the famous words of Martin Luther King, I’m Free at Last, thank God Almighty, I’m (Financially) Free at Last.